An Aesthetic Boner

Yesterday I took a trip to the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art which is the ONLY space in Manhattan dedicated to LGBT art in all its various forms (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.)

I’ve always had a fascination with erotic art ever since I was a teenager and stumbled across a Tom of Finland collection in a Border’s at some mid-western mega mall. In fact, when I was seventeen I bought the pocket collection of Tom’s work at Barnes and Noble with my Christmas money and smuggled the cube of books back home in my parka so my father wouldn’t find out! Needless to say the bathroom in our house was occupied for several hours thereafter ; )


(If only Michelangelo and Tom had shared studio space…)

I think my ultimate attraction to homoerotic imagery and art isn’t just the fact that it gives the viewer a boner. An erection isn’t that hard to come by (rim shot please) in our present time when sex is so readily available in so many different medias. However, truly successful erotic art gives its viewer both a visceral and an aesthetic boner. Its the perfect melding of artistic technique and graphic, viscerally charged images that satisfies a person’s need for physical beauty and for physical release:

Still Life with Boner…


…Actually this is Carlos by Peter Hujar on display at the Leslie Lohman.

What I also loved about this particular trip to the Leslie Lohman was that I learned about more fantastic erotic artists from the pre-Stonewall era such as Neel Bate–aka “Blade”–and George Quaintance. To me, as a gay man growing up in post-Stonewall, post-AID’s epidemic American society I am so humbled to learn about the men (as well as the women) who literally risked their freedom to unabashedly create depictions of homosexual life ranging from the beautiful to the graphic to somewhere in between.

And on a lighter note, it also reassures me that gay men seem to always have been fascinated by cock ; )

I am the proud owner now of a small printed collection of Neel Bate’s work entitled The Barn, 1948, and More Dirty Pictures available at the Leslie Lohman Gallery for just $10.

Bait by Bate

ImageI’m looking forward to creating some of my own homoerotic art and trying to find that near perfect, literal union between form and function.

And if you want more information about the Leslie Lohman Gallery, click here.




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January 27, 2012 · 7:56 pm

A substitute for the inspirational quote…

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Two of my favorite things: blondes and dicks.

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Why WordPress, the not-so-bitter month of January, and victory baking…

Friends, fans, and fellow performers:

Slowly but surely every year I attempt to insert myself into a new form of social media. In 2010 “Go-Go Harder” was born on facebook (several times in fact, thanks facebook editors); in 2011 gogoharder began tweeting, that curious pairing of witty/narcissistic posts for other witty, narcissistic people to enjoy, and NOW in 2012… I begin to dip my toe into the deceptively warm waters of WORD PRESS for what I hope will be interesting additions to my weekly email: performer interviews, cooking and baking tips, sewing and costume construction tid bits, and random acts of pornography. Think of me as a domesticated cross between June Cleaver and Tom of Finland, mixing up some gluten free muffins in one hand while fluffing myself with the other to perfectly fill out my latest g-string creation.

And to give support to the above mentioned…

Today I worked one of my many day jobs as a nude art model–muze by day, master-stripper by night–on the heels of which have followed what I hope is the most glorious loaf of banana, carrot, and toasted pumpkin seed bread which is gluten free! Results soon.

If you’ve found me on WordPress and simply need more Harder in your life (how can I disagree), sign up for my weekly email at to find out where you can next get a taste… and I’m not talking about my banana loaf.

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